Get help with three core areas of English

Speaking Skills
The best way to improve your speaking skills is to speak English regularly. With IELTS Assist you can do this with an English language professional who will offer advice to support your test performance.
Writing Skills
IELTS is unique in that it offers a choice of two different types of test: General Training or Academic. IELTS Assist allows you to practice either of these and find out how you can improve your writing.
Reading Skills
Readings skills can be improved with the help of IELTS Assist. The service allows you to practise tasks that are just like those in an IELTS test, find out how you performed and get an explanation of your result.

Introducing the range

Get personalised advice on how to improve your writing 
Try sample writing tasks that are just like those in the IELTS test. Your responses will be reviewed by one of our IELTS experts and you'll receive a personalised report showing how you can improve.


Speak face to face with an expert for personalised tips
Have you ever wanted to practise your speaking skills with an English expert? Now you can via teleconference. Your session will be recorded and returned to you along with tips on how you can improve.


Get coached on how you can improve your reading
With IELTS Reading Assist, you'll be able to try sample reading tasks that are just like those in the IELTS test. After you submit your responses, you'll find out how you performed and how to do better next time.


What others are saying

Fuguo, a recent participant in IELTS Writing Assist
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IELTS Assist puts you in touch with IELTS experts. It's your chance to get personal advice on how to enhance your English and improve your test performance.

Click. Connect. Improve.

Thank you for the constructive feedback on my essays. This is something that I have been looking for for months, if not years. I wish I could have done this much earlier.  I will probably register once more for the service until I succeed in my IELTS.


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